Playlist vom 11.02.2023: Electro Royale auf ByteFM. 20 - 22 Uhr

Electro Royale #785

1. Stunde (20-21 Uhr):

Artist Track Album Label
1. Slurm Rebirth (Jose Wated Remix) Rebirth Remixed Savia Park 00:16
2. Ten Years Lost Kendall’s S.O.S.. Chasing Planes EP Infinite Wisdom ß8:06
3. Acid Arab Emo ٣ (Trois) Crammed Discs 15:18
4. Acid Arab Habayak (Feat. Ghizlane Melih) ٣ (Trois) Crammed Discs 20:55
5. Dj Godfather It Started In The D It Started In The D Databass 25:33
6. Sven Tasnadi Bloesoms van Voorn Bloesoms van Voorn Headfire International
7. Oliver Deutschmann Irre und debil Eco Death EP Taktschleife 37:35
8. Cardopusher X-Tended Reality Immaculate Poison Evar Records 42:01
9. O’o Indigo (Holy Other Remix( Indigo Infine 46:15
10. Holy Other Yr Love With U EP Tri Angle Records 50:33
11. Ross Harper The Power Of Three (Roi Cosmic Disco Remix) The Dark Album Remixes City Wall Records 55:29

2. Stunde (21-22 Uhr):

1. Chloe Robinson & DJ ADHD Get In The Bin (Feat. Nikki Nair) Get In The Bin He.She.They. 00:25
2. Debbie Friday I Got It (Feat Unas) Good Luck Sb Pop 04:32
3. Luxus Varta Everlost Crystal Dusk In Abstracto 09:13
4. Boys Shorts Crop Tops Crop Tops Polari Records 16:31
5. Boys Shorts In The City Crop Tops Polari Records 20:50
6. Click Click Berlin Muna Express Muna Musik Compilation Muna Musik 25:55
7. Norman Weber Don’t Make Me Wait Muna Musik Compilation Muna Musik 33:09
8. Sierra Step It Muna Musik Compilation Muna Musik 37:59
9. Leonie Pernet Les Chants De Maldoror (Para One Remix) Le Club De Consolation Infine 44:58
10. Romare Seventh Seal Sevetnh Seal You See 50:31
11. Rauschhaus If I Had Wings If I Had Wings Yion 53:53