Playlist vom 25.02.2023: Electro Royale auf ByteFM. 20 - 22 Uhr

Electro Royale #787

1. Stunde (20-21 Uhr):

Artist Track Album Label
1. Dry Cleaining Hot Penny Day (Charlotte Adigery & Bolis Pupul Remix) Swampy-EP 4AD 00:55
2. DJ Godfather Outta My Mind Warehouse Musik EP (DB-106) Databass 06:45
3. Sensu Fuse AM_PM Quartz Records 10:31
4. Creeds Push Up Push Up EP Rave Alert Records
5. Malugi Hot Right Now (Alvin Paris) Hot Right Now MLG NRG 20:34
6. Oliver Deutschmann Nebula Not For Me EP Slim Audio 24:29
7. Basement Jaxx Cish Cash (Feat. Siouxsie) (Vitalic Remix) Lost Remixes (1999 – 2009) XL Recordings 30:39
8. Isolée Rumour Rumour Resort Island 36:36
9. Isolée Beau Mot Plage Rest Playhouse Records 42:47
10. Alex Zelenka FML (Kontrol Phreak & Alex Zelenka Mix) FML Invisibles Limited 51:18
11. Slumberjunkie Dandelion Clock Don’t Pretend This Isn’t Life EP Silver Bear Recordings 55:43

2. Stunde (21-22 Uhr):

1. Gamat 3000 Feeling Love (Wighnomy’s Give Peace A Chance Remix) Freude Am Tanzen Pres.: Bees And Wine Freude Am Tanzen 00:59
2. Jackmate Interspherical Tension Freude Am Tanzen Pres.: Bees And Wine Freude Am Tanzen 08:41
3. Machiste Mosca Via Freude Am Tanzen Pres.: Bees And Wine Freude Am Tanzen 15:20
4. The MFA My Desire (No Point Remix) My Desire EP Traum Schallplatten 20:50
5. Orbital Frequency (Feat. The Little Pest) Optical Delusion Orbital Recordings 24:15
6. Orbital Home (Feat. Anna B Savage) Optical Delusion Orbital Recordings 30:27
7. Prequel Tapes I Hate You (Prequel Tapes Salvage Mix) The Golden Cage Veyl 36:26
8. Ede & Max Joni Weine Nicht Kind Weine Nicht Kind EP Watergate Records 42:36
9. Flash & Gordon Frauen In Autos (Lexy & K-Paul Remix) Frauen In Autos EP Motor Music 48:39
10. R.E.K. The Balance The Balance Einmusika 53:23