Playlist vom 13.05.2023: Electro Royale auf ByteFM. 20 - 22 Uhr

Electro Royale #798

Artist Track Album Label Zeit

1. Ikawa Power Ikawa I Yuku 00:18
2. Apauli Depths (John Selway Sublimation Remix) Depths Furnace Room Rec 04:40
3. Apauli Facing Fiction Depths Furnace Room Rec 10:36
4. Jaycut, TGM & Vavunettha Deep In My Heart 25 Years Basswerk Sessions Basswerk 14:25
5. Marijn S Under The Lily Pads (Luca Lozano What is Reality Remix) Under The Lily Pads Spray Records 20:50
6. Marijn S Leave A Message Under The Lily Pads Spray Records 27:55
7. Several Definitions Disturbia (Audio Junkies Remix) Disturbia Dear Deer Records 33:39
8. Sbtrkt You. Love The Rat Road Save Yourself 40:40
9. Sbtrkt No Intention (Feat. Leilah) The Rat Road Save Yourself 42:59
10. Jessy Lanza Midnight Ontario Midnight Ontario Love Hallucination 47:44
11. Le Motel Spirals Kernel Panic Yuku 51:29
12. Alec Troniq & Jon Darc Marvelling Flood Of The Material Sonderling Berlin 55:06
13. Toh Imago Chiffchaff (To Van Kao Remix) Refuge Remixes Infine 62:05
14. Toh Imago Asile Sauvage (Sylvere Remix) Refuge Remixes Infine 65:23
15. Depeche Mode Ghosts Again (Bergsonists Shadow Mix) Ghosts Again Remixes Columbia 71:30
16. Destrata Let The Dust Settle 01513 Spe:c Records 76:28
17. Humanoid Gods The Black Vault Humanoid Gods 03 Humanoid Gods 80:40
18. Olivier Abbeloos Arp Kingdom Arp Kingdom IG Recordings 87:47
19. Roody Aid! Tehran Contemporary Sounds Compilation (TCS_002) TCS 93:17
20. Joyhauser Liberty Liberty Terminal M 97:55
21. Maraskino Asphalt (Julian Hruza Remix) Asphalt Jhruza Records 103:46
22. Slumberjunkie A Miserable Man Don’t Pretend This Isn’t Life EP Silver Bear Recordings 109:15
23. Llucid Wasting Time (Feat. KimbraI Wasting Time Groenland 114:30
24. DJ Godfather Warehouse Muzik Warehouse Musik EP Databass 116:46